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salary-sacrifice-laptop-phone-tabletSalary packaging is an effective and compliant system to legally optimise your tax savings.

You can purchase a range of items by installment, from your pre-tax salary, thus reducing your tax.

The payroll officer deducts the installment amounts from your salary, pays them on your behalf and then taxes you on the balance and pays you accordingly.

Sounds complicated, but in fact, it is quite simple and quite easy for us to set up for you.

The Pearson Corporation will advise you of your options and design an ATO approved salary package to suit your objectives.

Laptops, mobile phones, superannuation, professional training courses are just some of the items which can be included in a salary package for you.

Novated Car Lease can also be arranged. Packaging a car and motor vehicle expenses in your pre-tax can lead to savings.

salary-sacrifice-car· Fuel
· Registration
· Tyres
· Servicing
· Insurance

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